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Stand Alone Filling Machine

Table Top Bottle Filler

Simple easy to use filling machine.

Multiple Pump Options

We offer many different pump heads and technology to fill your products.

Add multiple nozzles and pumps

Add up to 6 filling heads and nozzles.

Stand Alone Filling Machine
Easy System

This system uses a LCD Screen to control all the pump controls and fill volumes.

Quick Change Overs

Your Product only touches your holding tank, tubing, and nozzle. Just change your tubing and nozzle for a 100% line clear

Hot and Cold

Fill hot or cold products. Tubing is rated for over 200 F.

Stand Alone Filling Machine

Starting at $1900.00

 [1 pump/nozzle config]


Meet the versatile Bottle Filler designed for ultimate adaptability, catering to both low and high production runs with ease. This unique machine boasts a modular design, empowering you to customize it with an unlimited number of filling heads to perfectly match your production needs. Go beyond limitations with this innovative system that accommodates various filling methods. Choose from peristaltic or our HighLo Pump to handle an extensive range of product viscosities and container types. Just like the Matrix fillers, this machine conquers diverse bottle sizes and shapes, ensuring seamless filling regardless of your product format.

Product Details

Machine Features



Stand Alone Bottle Filler

Simply the best grid filling system on the market.

Recent Customers reviews

Yes, the new pump is flat-out amazing! I did some validation work after we spoke and I calculated that on a 1mL fill volume I was getting less than ½ of 1% variation over a span of 27 bottles. Just awesome!! Very pleased with this upgrade Ryan!
Medical Company
I’m 140,000 units into production and very happy w/ everything. Appreciate ya and look forward to coming back again soon for more of your work
Tincture company
Things are going well for us, and I'm interested in getting another paint filler robot / machine from you... the 12" x 29" Matrix Bottle Filler this time.
Paint Filler