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Lotion Filling Machine


Fill most viscosities and any bottle size from 5ml to gallon pales and more


All Sizes

This filler can be outfitted in the 12"x12" the 12"x29" and the 29"x29" or conveyer

Fill Any Viscosity

The HighLo pump is a great lotion filling machine.

Multiple Pumps

You can add up to 6 pumps heads

Tabletop Bottle Filler
Open system

Our software is made to grow with you. The platform is completely programmable using a few easy variables.

Quick Change Overs

The pump head can be dissembled with no tools. All internal parts are food grade or stainless steel.

Hot and Cold

Fill hot or cold products. Tubing is rated for over 200 F.

Paste & Lotion Bottle Filler

Starting at $6780.00

 [1 pump/nozzle config]


Your One-Stop Solution for Diverse Filling Needs. Say goodbye to product limitations and embrace the versatility of the HighLo Pump, your ultimate solution for filling a vast spectrum of products. From the fluidity of water to the thick consistency of honey, this single machine handles it all with unparalleled ease. The HighLo Pump effortlessly adapts to your specific needs, offering the flexibility to handle nearly any product size or shape. This is a great for a lotion filling machine or for paste.

Accommodate tiny 15ml vials or massive gallon pales with a simple nozzle and tubing change. This remarkable adaptability ensures you’re always equipped to meet any product requirement. The HighLo Pump delivers not just versatility but also exceptional accuracy. Whether dealing with dropper bottles or larger containers, the intuitive controls allow for precise adjustments to fill volume and speed, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results every time.

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Paste Filling Machine