Micro Dosing Filling Machine



The Answer to Automatic Pipette and Cartridge Type Filling



Syringe Pump

Small platform with a big output. This platform can Micro Dose 0.2ml to 4ml plus. Depending on syringe

Multiple Syringe Options

We offer many different syringe options. The system utilizes most refillable syringes on the market.

XYZ Platform

This machine will automatically my the syringe on a XYZ platform

Eye Detection

Using the XYZ platform the eye will work with a top plate over your packaging. This allows the system to detect any error with positioning and correct it.

Quick Change Overs

You can easily swap the holding tank, lines, and syringes. To have 100% line clear

Hot and Cold

Fill hot or cold products. Tubing is rated for over 200 F. Heat up to 3 zones.

Matrix Micro Dosing 12"x12

Starting at $10750


Revolutionize Micro Dosing Filling with this matrix filling machine

Struggling to fill small openings accurately and efficiently? Look no further than this micro dosing filling machine. This innovative machine is your perfect solution, designed specifically for precision filling in tight spaces.

Matrix Wizard: Unwavering Accuracy for Small Openings

The Universal Syringe Pump features a revolutionary “Matrix Wizard” technology. This ingenious system utilizes an eye sensor to detect the top plate position, ensuring precise positioning for flawlessly filling even the smallest openings. Whether you’re dealing with delicate vials, test tubes, or miniature bottles, the Matrix Wizard guarantees consistent and accurate results.

Ultimate Versatility and Control

Beyond its precision, the micro dosing filling machine provides unparalleled versatility. Its compatibility with various syringe types allows you to tailor the machine to your specific product needs, regardless of its viscosity or volume. Furthermore, the intuitive controls offer complete command over plunge speed, retract speed, fill volume, and plunge delay, empowering you to achieve the perfect fill every time.

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Matrix Wizard Filling Examples