Matrix Bottle Filler | 1 Pump / Nozzle |12" x 29" Filling Area


The Tabletop Matrix Bottle Filler (Patent Pending). The fastest most accurate filler in its class. This unique filler fits any bottle size and tincture size, utilizing custom bottle trays and filling pumps built to your bottle specifications. This filler will fill up to 700 bottles with load and unload.


The matrix series table top bottle filler. The fastest most repeatable professional quality bottle filler on the market. This plug and play easy to use liquid filling machine allows for quick installation. Our custom peristaltic filling pumps lets you fill any volume. The fluid only touches the pumps tubing to help with contamination and a speedy change over or clean up. We tailor each removable positioning tray to your bottles specifications. These machines are built to meet your packaging requirements in a cost effective manner.

Machine Features:

  • Custom removable bottle positioning trays
  • Self priming filling system.
  • Fluid only touches the pump tubing to help with contamination and a speedy change over or clean up.
  • Ramp up and down filling pump to stop splashing.
  • Reverse pump direction to draw back fluid into the tanks and allow a very fast clean up or product change.
  • Save unlimited filling settings.
  • Manual or automatic nozzle travel.

Tubing and Nozzle Features

  • Temp resistant from -75F-275F
  • Ozone and UV resistant
  • FDA, 3-A, NSF Criteria
  • Nozzles are made out of stainless steel
  • Nozzles come in multiple sizes from 16ga up to 1/4 inch


Our machines are built in the the USA.

Data sheet

Filling Area
12" x 29"
Filling Speed
Up to 6.5L/min
Hose ID's
3/16" up to 3/8"
Fluid Viscosities
(cP) 20000+
Filling Pump Control
Acceleration, Deceleration Self Priming, Variable pump speed
1 year after purchase
Tubing Rating
FDA, 3-A, NSF Criteria
Power Rating

Specific References

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