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The Matrix Bottle Filler

Starting at $5995

The Tabletop Matrix Bottle Filler (Patent Pending). The fastest most accurate filler in its class. This unique filler fits any bottle size and shape utilizing custom bottle trays built to your bottle specifications. These fillers will fill 500 - 3600 bottles an hour with load and unload. This bottling system comes in 12” x 12” | 29”x 12” filling area.

Fill Oils to Lotions with Precision

Pick Your Size:

12" x 12" Filling Area
12" x 29" Filling Area adds $2400.00

Diving Nozzle Movement:

Manual nozzle height adjustment
Automatic diving nozzle movement into bottles
adds $1500.00

Pick Your Peristaltic Pump Quantity: Each additional pump adds $1500.00

Pick You Peristaltic Pump Size(s):

100 Precision Peristaltic Pump: Geared for small fill volumes 30mL and smaller. Standard deviation of .03mL
200 Precision Peristaltic Pump: Geared for small to large fill volumes 15mL and larger. Standard deviation of .3mL

Pick Your Tank Size: Tank adds $1000.00+

Machine Features

  • Multiple Peristaltic pump sizes to fit your needs up to 6.5 LPM
  • Rated for low and high viscosities (cP) 20000+
  • Uses replaceable industrial controls
  • Save unlimited fill settings
  • FDA Food grade tubing
  • Ramp up and down fill speed to stop splashing
  • Variable peristaltic pump speed
  • Variable peristaltic pump volume
  • Reverse peristaltic pumping for easy line clear and anti-drip
  • Includes 10" control screen

Product Details

  • Plug and play design
  • Fits on a table top
  • 12" x 12" or 12" x 29" Filling Area
  • Changeable FDA 3-A NSF tubing for fast change overs
  • Product only tocuhes tubing and nozzle
  • Stainless steel & luer lock nozzles
  • Standard deviation of 0.303025 mL or lower depending on configuration


  • 21.5" x 20" or 20" x 43" foot print
  • 120vac 5-10amp depending on configuration
  • 30lbs to 60lbs depending on configuration
  • Tubing ID size 3/16" to 3/8" depending on configuration

How it works

Bottle Filling in three simple steps

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Tell us about your bottling requirements.

We're passionate about bottling! We can help you select
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Viscosity Pump Tubing Rating
Water 100 3/16 ID Best @ 30mL-
Water 200 3/16 ID Best @ 15mL+
Oil 100 3/16 ID Best @ 30mL-
Oil 200 3/16 ID Best @ 15mL+ | Slower Fill then 1/4 ID Tubing but more accurate
Oil 200 1/4 ID Best @ 15mL+ | Faster Fill then 3/16 ID Tubing but less accurate
Lotion 100 3/16 ID Best @ 15mL-
Lotion 200 1/4 ID Best @ 30mL- | Faster Fill then 3/16 ID Tubing but less accurate
Lotion 200 3/8 ID Best @ 15mL+ | Faster Fill then 1/4 ID