Peristaltic Pumps Are Perfect For Bottle Filling

In the tincture industry, reliable and efficient liquid dispensing is vital to the successful productions of products. Over the years a variety of methods have been developed to increase the speed and accuracy of bottle filling to keep up the growing markets and consumer demand. For a variety of reasons, a top choice of liquid dispensing equipment is the peristaltic pump. 

Peristaltic pumps offer reliable precision fluid transmission and dispensing that has a highly controllable flow rate. The peristalic pump’s characteristics of a high flow control accuracy, easy maintenance, simple operation, and low shear force has enabled it to become more widely used in a myriad of industries. 

Requirements For Filling Equipment

Crucial requirements for filling equipment are accuracy and variable flow. Accuracy is essential to any product especially those pertaining to fluids. The more accurate the equipment is in filling a container with liquid, the less waste occurs, protecting investments and ensuring product integrity. 

Variable flow provides the flexibility for a variety of containers, fluid viscosities, and process capacities to be handled all at once. Pumps must meet the critical operating parameters of accuracy and variable flow while meeting industry regulatory approvals and aseptic production requirements. Low maintenance equipment is also a must as decreased downtime means higher production rates. 

Peristaltic pumps provide productivity and thus, profitability, through their precision filing capabilities with high repeatability.  The pump’s precision-engineered peristaltic design allows it to reduce process maintenance costs without sacrificing product safety, compliance, and quality. 

Versatility In Production

When producing tinctures, maintaining dosing accuracy at a high repeatability is essential. The peristaltic pump’s consistent, repeatable flow rates fill liquid volumes with accurate precision quickly and safely. Able to fit an array of tubing sizes, the pumps provide the operator with a great degree of control over a range of fluid viscosities. Peristaltic pumps offer reliable bottle filing that is versatile yet gentle. 

Quality Equipment

As with any production equipment, the key to successful liquid filling production is the use of high-quality equipment. The right equipment makes all the difference in the quality and profitability of the final product. When filling tinctures and other containers with liquid products, veritable flow and accuracy control are essential to ensuring the end product meets quality, safety, and industry standards.

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