What to Consider When Purchasing Liquid Filling Equipment

Are you ready to purchase liquid filling machines to help streamline the production and distribution of your product? If so, there are specific things you should consider to ensure that you get the right machines for your product needs.

Understand the Effect of the Machine on the Product

You need to consider the impact of the filling machine on the product you are packaging. The viscosity or state of the liquid may be accidentally changed, just because of how the equipment is constructed. For example, when you run a liquid through additional pumps, pipes, or elbows, it can change the viscosity, which results in a liquid that is too thin. Higher speeds may also negatively impact some products. It would help if you kept the characteristics of your product top-of-mind when choosing your equipment.

The Product Dictates the Filler Needed

The machine you use for your project is dependent on the product or beverage characteristics and the shape and type of the containers you use. A free-flowing liquid, such as beverages, will work properly with an overflow or timed-flow machine. A more viscous product may be better suited for a positive displacement or piston filler.

The type of container and fill size may determine the machine that must be used, too. Overflow and timed-flow machines are ideal for free-flowing liquids, but they will differ in how they deliver the product to the container. A timed flow filler is a type of volumetric fill machine, which means that each fill cycle they will deliver the same volume of the product. The machines are designed to provide you with precise fills, no matter the shape of the container you have selected. However, if you have containers that vary in volume, the fill levels may provide an inconsistent look.

Understand the Filling Challenges of Products with Fruit or Pulp Pieces

Fruit pieces or pulp, which are also called particulates, will require the use of specialized valves and pumps based on the density and the size of the specific particulates. The challenges involved with filling a liquid with particulates will occur when there is a significant variance in the size of the different pieces.

Cleaning Ease

Make sure you look at the equipment’s cleanability. If you have a product designed for consumption, you must choose machines that are FDA-approved and considered sanitary materials.

Most people will want equipment that is simple to maintain and clean. You need to keep the nozzle clean when you are filling the bottles, and the simpler the design is, the better.

Finding the Right Filling Machine for Your Product Needs

When it comes to choosing the right filling machine for your product, you must consider the factors found here. By doing this, you can feel more confident that you will get the filling machine that best suits your product needs, and that provides you with the best possible results. Just be sure to purchase from a reputable seller to avoid any issues.