Rocky Mountain PLC Bottle Fillers and Nozzle Arrays

Our high-design bottle fillers and equipment are second to none. At Rocky Mountain PLC, we are a leader in bottle filling and capping systems for a reason. We’ve done the research on how these automated manufacturing processes work, and what will best support our clients in an industrial setting.

Manufacturing automation has come an extremely long way in the past couple of decades. Computerized designs are driving incredible efficiencies and allowing companies to bottle and distribute liquid products much more efficiently. In a greater context, the world of automated manufacturing has evolved from early M2M (machine to machine) systems to very smart assembly architectures using cutting-edge methods like computer vision to do more sophisticated kinds of work. 

We are participating in this industrial revolution! Our systems involve nozzle arrays that can streamline your manufacturing systems by several orders of magnitude. With just a moderate amount of setup, your facility can produce much more in a shorter time frame.

Matching Nozzles to Columns

One of the essential parts of getting the system set up involves moving the individual nozzles to where they will match columns on a matrix.

Our matrix filler nozzle array racks work with an allen wrench so that you can position nozzles where they need to be in order to match bottles in the matrix columns and avoid any inaccuracies.

Computerized Control

After the individual nozzles are locked into the nozzle array, you can use computerized controls to configure start levels and positioning and other attributes. Our easy-to-use graphical user interface involves selecting the calibrations that you need to start these matrix fillers working at high capacity. We support our clients with the right instructional materials to make all of this easy. 


With the appropriate setup, you can process anywhere from 300 to 3600 bottles per hour. Take a look at the website for visual matrix fillers at work, churning out incredible amounts of product in real-time. We have stationary bottle fillers, matrix bottle fillers, labelers, and other machines that are going to support your next-generation automated bottling processes. See how these systems work even in a small physical footprint to build enormous capacity into a production model. It’s all part of the next wave of manufacturing and processing technologies that are going to make yesterday’s manual systems look medieval. At Rocky Mountain PLC, we are actively involved in helping our clients to modernize with the best tools and systems, and consulting for optimal use. Call us with any questions, and let’s talk about bottling automation.