Why Use In House Bottling Equipment?

When you run a business that relies on bottling and packaging, it’s important to have convenient and affordable bottling options. Frequently, business owners opt to rent bottling equipment from other companies in an effort to limit their expenses. However, there are numerous reasons to purchase and use your own bottling equipment, including but not limited to the following: 

Financial Considerations

It can often be quite expensive to bottle your own products on someone else’s equipment, as it has to be set up each time to meet your needs. You’ll also have to make sure that they have staff on hand to operate the equipment, that the bottles and caps they have are the correct size and shape, and that your labeling works with their materials. This can mean that it’s often far less expensive to buy your own bottling equipment and capping machines so that you can bottle your product yourself. 

Produce Your Own Labels

When you use in house bottling equipment, you’ll be able to utilize your own labels and label design. This means that you can have the exact label that you want for your product, instead of needing to make concessions so that you can use labels that are already on hand. Working with your own bottling machine means that you have the option to produce your own labels, with all of the creativity you’d like to include in the process. 

No Need to Transport

Transporting your product to a bottling plant can be expensive and difficult, especially if the only thing that you need to do there is to bottle it. If you’ve already created everything, you’re transporting a large amount of liquid from one place to another, which can get pricey fast. If you purchase your own bottling and capping equipment, instead, you’ll be able to skip this transport step entirely. This allows you to bottle on site quickly and easily, with no need for hauling your product. 

No Need to Fit a Bottling Schedule

Often, bottling plants work with specific clients on specific days. This means that your production schedule will always depend on the bottling schedule at another company. If you’d rather have a more independent schedule for your company, adding your own bottling equipment is a great way to do so. You can select the timeline that you want for production and bottling so that you can meet your customers’ needs and the milestones and goals that you’ve set for your business. 

If you’ve been thinking about handling your own bottling, but haven’t yet made a decision, it may be time to reach out to Rocky Mountain PLC to learn more about the options that are available to you. You may be pleasantly surprised by the numerous benefits of bottling your own products.