Importance of Good Packaging

Importance of Good Packaging

As you walk down the aisle of the store, what are the things you usually see? Packaging layouts is something that has become a significant component of our purchasing decisions. The big question is, how does a packaging design affect the choices we make when buying food and daily necessities products that we usually use? In fact, how does packaging design play an essential role in product marketing and brand success?

It can become a little more complicated when designing designs for bottles compared to creating a layout for a package or container to put the product inside. Bottles can be handled differently from a can or box that can create a more attractive look even if it does not provide as much space to work with. Packaging design choices that include silkscreen printing on wine bottles are available. It is environmentally friendly because it uses vibrant color organic dye. Bottle printing is an industrial art and can help improve the product’s look, ranging from wine an olive oil to gourmet food and even health products. This helps to increase the product’s appeal and looks better. Continue reading for the essential benefits of proper packaging. 

Protection & Function

Product packaging is intended to protect the product against impact. Not only does product packaging shield the product from the manufacturer to the consumer during shipping, but it also prevents harm while the product remains on retail shelves. Many goods are packaged in some form. Soups, for example, must have a package and packaging while apples may have packaging for transport but not to sell the product from the local grocery store’s fruit department


When promoting a product, the packaging is very critical. Good packaging and pleasing aesthetics attract potential customers ‘ attention. The decision to buy a product can be affected by proper packaging. A product can be useful in conjunction with an advertising campaign and the right price.

Differentiation Packaging can also differentiate between one product brand and another. Because product packaging may include company names, logos, and the company’s color scheme, it helps customers recognize the product as it is on store shelves among the outcomes of the competition. For example, as a shopper walks through the local grocery store’s coffee aisle, your favorite coffee brand’s bright orange, pink and white packaging can easily be identified by the coffee shelf on the consumer’s way. The shopper may associate with the name of the business, which allows them to purchase the product. If the product packaging changes, it can change the company’s brand image, which doesn’t mean the buyer won’t buy the product anymore. Still, it can postpone the purchase until the customer can recognize the product according to their new packaging.