What You Get with Rocky Mountain PLC Bottle Fillers

What You Get with Rocky Mountain PLC Bottle Fillers

Our mission is to offer superior bottle filler and bottle capper products for white label shops and other customers.

Efficient production is key in offering any kind of product, and right now there’s a big rush toward many kinds of essential oils and other products that require a good consistent manufacturing plan.

When you want to create a supply chain that runs smoothly, you want our equipment in-house. We ship our bottle filler and bottle capper machines with everything you need to get started.

Included Computer Screen

We know that in order to properly set up your bottle filler machine, you’ll need to have a visual way to observe the process. We include a visual screen with each of our bottle filler installations for that reason. That means you don’t have to make a run to Best Buy or somewhere else to get accessories to start producing what you want to sell.

FDA-Approved Tubing

We also ship our bottle filler machines with specifically FDA-approved plastic tubing. This is a big deal, because you want to be compliant with agency regulations in your manufacturing space.

Again, if you don’t have the stuff on hand, you’re going to have to run out to get it. Don’t get caught using inferior materials – that’s why we’ve shipped this accessory with our machines.

Custom Pumps

We know that it takes different pumping mechanisms to effectively support bottling depending on the size of the bottle, viscosity of the liquid substance, etc.

By setting up the right custom pumps for individual bother filler setups, we ensure a good final result for our customers. You can have the best equipment in the world, but if it’s not well calibrated and supported, you can run into big problems! We provide a kit approach that starts you out with what you need.

Bottle Positioning Tray

The bottle positioning tray helps with the calibration of the system. We’re happy to include this with the initial purchase to make your process easier. We also include instructions for using the positioning tray in practical filler runs.

Nozzle Design

We also have a range of nozzles available, and we understand the process of fine-tuning your bottle filler system according to what your raw materials are, and other factors.

In addition to bottle fillers, we also provide bottle capper machines with some of the same useful accessories and other particular tools, for making sure you have a good seal for your products.

Talk to Rocky Mountain PLC about getting great manufacturing equipment to you – our track record in customer service gives us an excellent reputation in the business, and we’re happy to become a partner in your industrial process, helping to support what you do with great custom-run design.